Cassandra Chaput is the true definition of a modern poet. She gave herself up in her writing, allowing herself to be vulnerable and genuine with us, her readers in her poetry collection, Rooted.

Her poetry feels like a conversation with a friend, who is an eloquent speaker. We all search for books that let us connect with and relate to the writer. Cassandra’s poetry compilation, Rooted, beautifully digs into subjects we can all identify with, such as mental illness, heartbreak, and personal growth.

Some form of mental illness is becoming the norm these days, particularly anxiety and depression. Those with anxiety, namely myself, worry a lot about their relationships and how others think of them. I’m never completely comfortable in my own skin and overthink everything I say and do, as though others are thinking about me that much. Her poem, Suffocating, puts it perfectly when she writes,

“I’m sorry for suffocating you/I know I am a lot (Page 24).”

I am a lot, I may be suffocating, but it’s because I care. I care too much.


We all have experienced heartbreak and Cassandra encapsulates the thoughts we all have during our recovery from a broken heart. In her poem, Heartbreak, she pens, “Don’t stop trying to reach me again, no matter how far I push you away…I need you more than you know, and more than I’d like to admit (Page 44).” Whoa. Who hasn’t felt that way during, or after, the fallout of a relationship with someone you loved? What I love about poetry is it often puts the words into our minds and, ultimately, our mouths when we don’t have them for ourselves.


Are you searching for self-improvement and/or self-growth? Yeah, join the club. Cassandra can relate. She writes about her personal growth and inspires us all with her lines from her poem Growing, “I am growing/And I am changing/My petals wilt and fall off but they’ll/grow again/They always do (Page 6).” No matter our commitment to growth, we do stumble. Cassandra can relate to that too. In the book entitled poem, Rooted, she admits, “I need to force myself to grow and bloom” and “The storm blows strong, but I am stronger (Page 2).” Growth takes time and practice. We’ll all stumble. We all must give ourselves some grace and understand it isn’t weakness; It’s human. The show of strength is not letting the stumbles keep us down. As Cassandra says,

“The storm blows strong, but [we] are stronger. (Page 2).”

I would 100% recommend Cassandra Chaput’s Rooted. It’s a book I will come back to again and again, especially during my journeys of self-growth and getting to know myself. I encourage you to buy a copy for yourself. Be well. And read Cassandra Chaput’s Rooted!

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