Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This anti-goal-setter has reformed - a little - and set some goals for the new year in 2021.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not big on goal-setting. If you knew how ambitious, driven, and type A-annoying I am, you'd be shocked by that admission. But it's true, I don't like setting goals or creating new year's resolutions.

Why, you ask?

I think they're a recipe for unhappiness. If we're unable to meet our goals by the timeline we've outlined for ourselves, or if we have a rough start to the year and break our resolution by January 3rd (happens to me all the time), we put ourselves down. We ambitious types can be really critical.

However, I've recently accomplished something I didn't think I would and have changed my thinking a bit on goals. So I'd like to add this caveat: Goals are a recipe for unhappiness - when they come with deadlines.

If we give ourselves the freedom of a loose timeline, we can focus on the goal itself and celebrate the wins when they happen. No more harping on ourselves for not completing the goal at a certain date or giving up from frustration because we believe we just won't get it done anyway.

The goal stays the same, the deadline changes.

With that said, I did something radical this year. I set goals for 2021. I know, my jaw dropped too as I typed that.

What I hope to accomplish this year (but might not):

- Query my novel to 30 literary agents.

- Submit 12 articles or essays to online publications.

- Try to maintain regular blog postings.

- Complete my TBR list currently sitting on my bedside table.

- Move into that apartment with the fireplace that I've been eyeing for a year.

Wish me luck! What are your goals for this year?

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